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What a wonderful product!

Viralmed, what a wonderful product! In the past, our kindergarten kids constantly walked around with runny noses, if they made it to school at all. This became a serious problem, and we had to start looking for a solution.

During our search, Sister Ida Bester suggested that we give the kids Viralmed syrup every morning at school. The results were unbelievably great! Our children’s general immunity was much stronger, and a runny nose did not necessarily develop into a cough, sore chest or worse. We’ve been using the Viralmed program for 2 years, and have never looked back!

Thank you Viralmed for having such an excellent product on the market!

— Mrs L.E. Brummer
Nuuskierige Agie Kleuterakademie

I can’t wait until next summer!

I am a health care practitioner working a lot with toddlers in nursery schools! About a year ago I suggested to a few principles to give Viralmed syrup to the toddlers in their schools during winter months because this is a synonym for snotty noses, colds and flu. Because we wanted to make sure the kids get the syrup the teachers offered to give it to every child from Mondays to Fridays.

The outcome was so positive that all these nursery schools made it compulsory! Healthy nursery schools assure healthy families, fewer doctor visits, less medicine and parents can now save their leave for well-deserved rest rather than looking after sick children at home!

VIRALMED with its anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties is really a must for children as well as adults specifically from March up to October!

— Sr Ida Bester

Everything we wanted and more.

We consistently get really positive feedback from the parents who buy Viralmed. We would really recommend that parents and schools start their kids on Viralmed earlier this year so we enter the winter months with strong and healthy immune systems.

— Charmaine Booyens
Moreleta Duifies Creche cum Kleuterskool


The health of our children at Kidz @ Collage is very important to us, which is why we decided to provide Viralmed to our parents. We subsequently noticed a really great improvement in the general health of our children. The general absence due to illness at our school decreased dramatically. We can confidently recommend this wonderful product to all parents and children

— Korrina

Stellar, professional service.

I noticed Viralmed Caps shortly after being listed at the wholesaler. I ordered one immediately to give it a try seeing as my husband was sick with the flu at that time. I was astounded by the efficacy of the product as my husband started to feel better after just 2 doses, and 4 days later he was fit as a fiddle. I know not only stock the product (winter deals if you wish boss) but I recommend to all my athlete friends to Stay healthy and not get sick whilst in training for that important event, as well as getting them better sooner whilst being ill. The caffeine really helps to keep them going despite their symptoms.

I now also recommend the Viralmed PROBIOTIC for those more sensitive or unwanting of caffeine, it provides a nice acute dosage whilst assisting with side effects caused by those taking antibiotics. My family is now preventatively on VM as the kiddies syrup is alcohol, sugar and artificial sweetener free. As a pharmacist I put my confidence in this product as my family, friends and patients have all given me the thumbs up and I have personally witnessed them healing more speedily as well as building stronger resistance to disease

— Marianne de Mesquita

4 thumbs way up from my 2 sons!

It would be wrong of me not to say thank you to XS health for your amazing Viralmed paediatric syrup. I explained to my pharmacist in March that my 4-year-old son had been on about 9 different antibiotics since 2009 and was admitted to the hospital and nebulous in 2009 and 2010. I wanted to give him something that would help him this year. He recommends that instead of just an immune booster I start him on a natural antibiotic, anti-viral formulation called Viral med syrup which was covered by my medical aid. I am tearfully grateful to say that since starting viralmed syrup he has not needed a single antibiotic and has not missed a single day of creche this year. As a businesswoman and mom, I cannot tell you how much time, money and stress your product has saved me and improved my sons quality of life. Thank you.