Rapid Relief from wet or dry coughs and congestion.

Naturally soothing.

  • Rapid Relief from wet or dry coughs and congestion

    • Sugar, alcohol & tartrazine free.

    • Soothing on throat and airways.

    • Gargle first to clear post-nasal drip.

    • High viscosity, great tasting menthol syrup.

    • Fast acting relief for wet & dry coughs.

    • Safe to use Day & Night

    • Diabetic Friendly

Soothing, Calming, Gentle cough relief

  • Sugar, alcohol & tartrazine free
  • Can be used in infants from 3.4kg
  • Sooths bronchospasms.
  • High viscosity, great-tasting Strawberry flavor.
  • Fast-acting relief for wet & dry coughs.
  • Contains Chamomile to help calm and relax



  • ZafluMed contains ingredients with natural immune-enhancing and anti-biotic; anti-fungal; and anti-viral properties. Add Zaflumed to help fight flu!

    • Fast acting effervescent for rapid absorption.

    • Supports natural immune function.

    • Can reduce the incidence of upper respiratory infections.

    • Natural antioxidant.

    • Natural antibiotic; anti-fungal; & anti-viral properties.