Viralmed & Viralmed Syrup

Immune support for the whole family

Viralmed is a comprehensive blend of Botanical ingredients, herbal blends and powerful ANTI-OXIDANTS which have been shown to assist the immune system and protect the body against the development of illnesses caused by viruses bacteria and protozoa especially during periods of higher risk and susceptibility. Higher risk populations are elderly, young children and toddlers, crèches, active adults and periods of abnormal stress

Most Incidences of reported cold and flu symptoms are as a result of PRIMARY Viral infections that do not respond to anti-biotic. Supportive and symptomatic treatment, as well as Immune support, is the first-line therapy to ensure that the patient is comfortable and reduce the risk of secondary bacterial infections. Immune support is so much more important these days, to assist in reducing the reliance and need for Anti-biotic treatment in the light of the risks associated with Anti-biotic and more especially anti-biotic resistance which is a major global health risk.


Hot or Cold effervescent tablets

Viralmed Vita-G effervescent is an immune health support supplement. It combines the benefits of maximum strength Vitamin C (1000 mg) and Ginger Root Extract with a powerful hit of real ginger flavor in each dose. Vita-G can be used on its own or ask your pharmacist to include Vita-G as part of your cold and flu treatment.